Africa Projects



The Spotted Orchid Project is the original precursor to Spotted Art. Spotted Orchid is the banner under which the art workshops are produced throughout Africa. Established in 2002 by artists Rupert Record and Niki Holmes, their aim is to use art to promote better public understanding and awareness of issues surrounding people living with serious illness in the UK and Africa.

The Spotted Orchid Project uses art workshops to provide a means of recreation and self-expression, which gives great therapeutic value to those who’s lives are affected by serious chronic conditions. We have run successful workshops in the UK, Kenya and South Africa. Key to the project’s success is the development of a creative atmosphere of support and mutual trust, which is enhanced through the strict use of  ‘policy of non disclosure’. We respect the confidentiality of all participants regarding their health or immigration status.

The Spotted Orchid Project has a commitment to engage in research and training to facilitate and refine the project’s vision. We actively seek partnerships with allied organisations and serviceproviders, adding valued variety to their programmes at the same time as enabling us to reach new participants. The Spotted Orchid Project also seeks to develop links with interested public and community organisations.