Nazareth House, Cape Town





Nazareth House is a centre for the elderly, those in palliative care and orphaned children, run by The Sisters of Nazareth with the help of staff and volunteers.

In 2002 Nazareth House was given the use of Arnold Cottage rent free by a generous donor in Observatory, Cape Town, to house some of it’s orphans. Six of the healthier children moved into the cottage and are being cared for by a ‘House Mother’, with the assistance of volunteers. The children are able to lead a happier and more fulfilled experience of something closer to ‘family life’; attending local schools and integrating with the local community.

It is Nazareth House’s ambition to house a majority of the children in their care in smaller, “House Mother” -led homes, in preference to the institutional care they currently receive in The Convent building.

Spotted Art have given occasional Art Sessions at Arnold House and the main orphanage at Nazareth House itself since 2002. The sessions have involved children as young as 3 through to early teens and are aimed at providing the children with structured creative play and self expression with therapeutic, spirit-lifting outcomes. During the workshops we generate an open and supportive atmosphere and encourage the children to explore their individuality, their imaginations and artistic talents. The freedom offered in the sessions has been particularly beneficial to children adjusting from the large orphanage to the intimacy of Arnold Cottage.